Real Estate Brokerage

Alex Rodriguez Orozco

Property Manager and Licensed Realtor


Alex is our Property Manager in charge of municipal inspections and a Licensed Real Estate Agent.  Alex has been in the property management field for four years and several more years in customer relationship management.


What’s in His Radius?

He LOVES tacos!

April Minner

Leasing Experience Lead and Licensed Realtor


April is our Leasing Experience Lead and a Licensed Realtor who knows and loves St. Louis and its surrounding areas.  She loves to treat all her customers as if they are her only customer!

What’s in Her Radius?

April grew up in Defiance MO, attended Fontbonne University in Clayton, lived in south city and now resides in Florissant.  She enjoys checking out all the parks in St. Louis and the surrounding areas with her family.

Chris Long



Chris founded Radius out of a desire to unite his successful software and technology career with his passion for real estate. Since 2009, he’s helped clients throughout St. Louis significantly reduce overhead and increase profits, leveraging cutting-edge technology to find solutions to buy, sell, invest and renovate real estate.


What’s in His Radius?

When not working with clients, Chris enjoys tinkering with technology, new restaurants, travel and raising bees – ask him for a taste of his bee’s honey!

Karen Campbell

Licensed Realtor and Property Manager


Karen is our Property Manager in charge of the New Owner Experience and a  Licensed Real Estate Agent.  Karen has over 7 years of experience in real estate and 15 years of experience in construction.

She’s passionate, driven, and works with investors, sellers, and a variety of buyers.  With more than seven years of property knowledge and dedicated experience, she takes pride in her honesty and rigorous moral standards.  She offers her customers the most accurate and up-to-date data on the state of the industry, it’s trends and comparative sales; giving them a practical outlook on what they can expect to achieve in the current market.

She believes that when someone is trading properties, having influence is important and with her large sphere of influence and passion for networking, herself and Radius have a dominant presence in the area.

The best way to make a difference is through our work and she is committed to helping you succeed!

What’s in Her Radius?

 Karen is a mother of two girls, 15 and 12 – in her downtime she likes to spend time with them. She also enjoys shopping at the mall, going out to eat and going out dancing!

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