Real Estate Brokerages and Technology: The Future can be now with the right brokerage


If you could change a real estate transaction to make it easier, faster and more profitable, what would you do? If you’re like most people, you’d want a way to knock people’s socks off when they see your home on the internet. In addition, you’d eliminate all the paperwork. That may sound a bit futuristic, but you can step into the future now, if you work with the right brokerage!

Listings Come to Life in the Future

As a seller, wouldn’t it be great if you could give interested buyers an internet tour of your home in 3D? That ability would really make your home stand out in the marketplace and get you offers at your home’s top market value – or even beyond!

Using a service like Matterport brings the future to you today. Matterport technology allows your agent to create a 3D showcase of your home. Its unique “dollhouse” view gives homebuyers a unique sense of your home and property.

As a buyer, have you ever passed up a piece of clothing because it didn’t “speak” to you on the hangar? If you’re buying a home, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to see a home that doesn’t impress in photos, but is just what you’re looking for when you see it in real life – or in a 3D tour. Whether you’re buying or selling, this new type of technology brings you many advantages.

There are Ways to Simplify Paperwork

Can you eliminate the paperwork? Even in the future, that won’t be possible. A real estate transaction is a complex legal process. There are forms that must be used to stay in compliance with state and local regulations. Even making a simple offer on a home requires the completion of a legal contract.

What you can do, if you work with the right brokerage, is eliminate the paper part of the paperwork. For example, there is a technology called Dotloop. When you and the real estate agents and brokers involved in a real estate transaction use Dotloop, you can kiss the paper goodbye.

Dotloop is an online service that provides a central location for all the paperwork needed to complete a real estate transaction.

  • The standard parts of the many documents involved in the transaction can be filled in and waiting for you in the Dotloop workspace. That saves you and your agent time and frustration.
  • You and your agent can edit the saved documents to tailor them to your transaction.
  • You can sign the documents with a secure electronic signature.
  • You can share the documents with anyone else involved in the transaction who has access to the workspace.

Dotloop eliminates the need for faxing documents or sending them overnight in cases when one of the parties is out of town. In fact, the documents can be accessed and managed from anywhere that has an Internet connection. The days of tattered purchase contracts that have gone through several offers and counter offers are now a thing of the past.

For example, if your agent is busy at a closing, they can still submit an offer for you on their phone during a break. If you’re on vacation, you can still answer a counter offer, which may just be the difference between buying the home of your dreams or losing it to someone else.

Real Estate Technology is Evolving

Other technology trends will help and amaze you. You can buy a home from the other side of the world when you have access to a virtual reality tour – it’s just like being there. Drones are being used to show you the grounds around a home for sale and introduce you to your new neighborhood.

And, these technologies are just the tip of the iceberg. For those who are taking advantage of new real estate technology as it comes along, the future looks very bright!

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