In Our Radius: Touring Tower Grove

By Arcanophile – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,   by Leigh Maibes For those looking to buy a home, this historic community in southwest St. Louis combines natural beauty with some of the city’s best restaurants and cultural events. The Tower Grove neighborhood in St. Louis is one of the city’s most vibrant and […]


Meet the Team – back in October 2016

  Chris Long Co-Founder, Partner Chris co-founded Radius out of a desire to unite his successful software and technology career with his passion for real estate. Since 2009, he’s helped clients throughout St. Louis significantly reduce overhead and increase profits, leveraging cutting-edge technology to find solutions to property management issues. While he works with a […]


In Our Radius: A Walk Down Cherokee Street

By Leigh Maibes An eclectic mix of St. Louis’ past and present, Cherokee Street is home to the city’s artistic renaissance. Cherokee Street has been a busy shopping district since the 19th century, but scores of artists, writers, and other creators have set up shop in this historic neighborhood over the past ten years. The […]


In Our Radius: A Spotlight on the Grove

by Leigh Maibes   Since the 1980s, continued community investment has turned The Grove into a thriving cultural center. Here are some of our favorite neighborhood highlights. Once a thriving commercial district, The Grove, which encompasses a section of Manchester Avenue and the surrounding area, has experienced a true renaissance since a period of decline […]


Real Estate Brokerages and Technology: The Future can be now with the right brokerage

  If you could change a real estate transaction to make it easier, faster and more profitable, what would you do? If you’re like most people, you’d want a way to knock people’s socks off when they see your home on the internet. In addition, you’d eliminate all the paperwork. That may sound a bit […]


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