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Does it Make Sense to Turn your Long-term Rental into a Vacation Rental?

Author: Trevor Tune It comes as no surprise that investing in real estate can produce great returns. When home prices are rising, merely owning a home can be a worthwhile investment in itself; however, there are other ways to monetize real estate outside of price appreciation. At Clever Real Estate, a platform connecting homeowners with […]


Should I Restore an Old House or Build a New One?

By Leigh Maibes Interested in buying a historic home? We’ll help you decide whether to restore it, or tear it down and rebuild. The proud history of St. Louis is reflected in its architecture. Every neighborhood seems lined with historic buildings, from elegant Greek Revival mansions to Modernist masterpieces. No matter where you go, you […]


The Delmar Divide Is in Our Head

By Leigh Maibes Delmar Boulevard divides North and South St. Louis by more than just geography. We think this real estate strategy can dissolve the divide. When city planners first built Delmar Boulevard, I don’t think they ever anticipated what it would eventually represent. Countless articles have been written about the Delmar Divide, the invisible […]


3 Top Real Estate Trends to Watch in 2018

by Chris Long Thinking of buying, selling, or managing a property in 2018? Pay attention to these top three trends for the following year. As 2017 draws to a close, real estate professionals are starting to look forward to the coming year. A volatile political environment, a housing shortage, and fear of another economic bubble […]


What Really Makes Millennial Buyers Different From Their Parents

by Chris Long Working with a younger clientele these days? By adapting to these generational traits, you’ll be ready for the influx of millennial buyers. Though they may be late bloomers compared to their parents, millennials now buy more homes than any other demographic, accounting for 32% of buyers and 68% of first-time homeowners. Like […]


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